Can I park next to my accommodation?

Guests staying in all accommodation types are required to park in the car park, except when unloading and loading. There is no car parking next to accommodation when there are groups on site.


Are there laundry facilities available?

Our laundry building houses a washing machine and a tumble dryer, both coin operated.


Is there WiFi?

WiFi is available in The Farmhouse, The Café Barn and The Meeting Barn. The password is available on request. There will soon be WiFi available in the Log Cabins and Statics.


What other activities are available on site?

Lenchwood doesn’t provide specific programmes of activities. There is a campfire available on request. If you have a request for something specific – ie space for a football game – please contact us.


Are dogs allowed on site?

Dogs are permitted on individual bookings for touring pitches only. Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted on any booking when there is a group on site. Assistance dogs are allowed at all times, with the relevant paperwork. All dogs must remain on a lead, except within the Orchard area. Please clear up after your dog!